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Gossip Girl

For five years, Gossip Girl gave us a glimpse into life as filthy rich, well-dressed, drama-queen teens residing in Manhattan. Just so relatable. But maybe that’s why we were so obsessed with it. I mean, if you didn’t live for Gossip Girl, did you even grow up in late-2000s? If you weren’t glued to the screen for the storyline, you were glued to the screen for the fashion (okay, and maybe the boys). 

Each week, Gossip Girl graced us with iconic looks from all the main characters: Blair, Serena, Vanessa and Little J, just to name a few. In our eyes, they were — and quite frankly, still are — the epitome of style. My favourite part? Each of the characters’ dress sense was so different. If you weren’t into Blair’s ladylike wardrobe, there was always Little J’s rock-inspired get-up. 

This week, I’m putting a 2020 spin on Gossip Girl fashion. Choose your character and relive one of the greatest fashion sitcoms of all time. 

XOXO, Gossip Girl. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)



She was the Upper East Side princess, and she had a wardrobe to match. Blair wouldn’t be caught dead in anything but feminine dresses, A-line skirts, peacoats, ballet flats and of course, headbands. She also loved her florals and bright colours.

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Coat: Forever New // Shoes: Wittner // Dress: Forever New // Beret: Glue Store // Skirt: Country Road  // Necklace: Country Road // Socks: Sportsgirl


Serena’s preppy style is probably the most wearable for today. She seemed to mix and match depending on her mood; one minute she was wearing chic leather jackets and boots, the next she was in slinky dresses and heels.

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Hat: Universal Store // T-Shirt: Country Road // Pants: Glue Store // Shoes: Tony Bianco // Dress: Kookai

Little J 

Talk about a style evolution. Little J went from wearing pastel shades and floral dresses to ripped tartan, fishnet tights and heavy makeup. I’m partial to the latter — maybe because it fits so well with our Melbourne attire.

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Jacket: Witchery // Top: Glue Store // Dress: General Pants // Lipstick: Mecca Maxima // Necklace: General Pants // Sunglasses: Universal Store // Boots: Tony Bianco


Vanessa embodied the boho vibes we all loved so much in the late 2000’s-early 2010’s — think flare jeans, chunky knits, paisley tops, tan boots, cosy beanies and turquoise jewellery. Today, I’d imagine her wearing pieces like these.

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Dress: Gorman // Jeans: Universal Store // Knit: Dangerfield // Beanie: Forever New // Boots: Merchant // Earrings: Sportsgirl


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