Gift Guide Blogged by: Melbourne Central 30 Jan 2023

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Single? Complicated? Forehead kisses and they've met your dad but they won't be seen in public with you and they didn't wish you a happy birthday?

Check out some of our hot fire tips on how to make V-Day great, regardless of your relationship status. (hint: self love is very heavily involved).
  1. Catch a film with your besties. Who needs a man when you can have Brad Pitt in high definition with a choc top on the side?
  2. Order in. Only today it's acceptable to spend $8.95 on delivery. 
  3. Self care. Book in a facial or enjoy a looooong bath to wash away all that negative energy. 
  4. Wine. Need I say more?
  5. Buy yourself a treat - you deserve it. BRB, adding crocs to cart. Check out some of our fave treats below.