Bailey Nelson Strong and Powerful collection
Blogged by: Bailey Nelson 06 Mar 2024
Introducing the Bailey Nelson Strong and Powerful collection designed by one of BN’s oldest and dearest team members, Meg Halfpapp. This collection is dedicated to empowering others through self expression, inspired by her journey with breast cancer.
Meet Meg
Having been at BN since 2015 I have seen the evolution of the products, the materials and the company. From when the Adler and Theodore were originally released to the new Hyper Pink colorway. I even have a Bronte tattoo done by an ex-staff member! To be offered a chance to create a story/ collection with my workplace whom I am so stupidly passionate about is a dream come true. The idea behind my collection is that I wanted to take some original shapes that we have done well, which is Bronte and Camille and give them a unique twist but still honouring the original designs. I’ve seen that the more unique the design, the better it is received by our customers.

“I want the wearer to feel empowered, their true self, strong & powerful."
- Meg

For this collection we’ve partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation and $25 from every Meg and Bella frame purchased from the Strong and Powerful collection will be donated to NBCF to fund world-class breast cancer research. 
Visit Bailey Nelson today and see the world through compassionate lenses.

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