Fashion Blogged by: Melbourne Central 09 Mar 2022

Circular Future with Nique

Nique designs their clothes with intent. Timeless designs, in mindful fabrics, responsibly made. But they care just as much about where garments end up as much as where they are made. It’s part of their mission to keep clothes out of landfill, reduce the impact of the apparel industry, and design a future without waste.

One of their key initiatives is our partnership with RNTR.

RNTR. offers a rental service for your everyday short-term needs or to try styles before you buy.

You can now regularly update your wardrobe by renting complete capsules or select items for that work trip, special occasion or try new silhouettes. Choose from various capsules such as Modern Workwear, Luxe Layers and Transeasonal Staples.

Renting allows you to experiment with your style and frequently update your wardrobe, whilst leaving as light a footprint on the planet as possible.

ReNique reNew is their Circularity Initiative. When you’re done with your pre-loved Nique garments, you can give them back to Nique, and not discard them. They'll  reNique, reNew and Resell your pieces to make sure they have a new lease on life.

Faulty, preloved, and dead stock garments are inspected by their fantastic team of experts who decide how to give them a new life. These items enter the reNique reNew program and are sent to creative collaborators to mend, up-cycle, over dye, and be given another chance.

From being mended by Second Stitch, a NFP social enterprise, upcycled by their creative collaborators Gliese 504 and SZN to create one-of-a-kind pieces or being overdyed or cleaned. Nique's aim is to ensure 100% of styles are rescued from landfill.