Blogged by: Melbourne Central 01 Oct 2020

Get Crockd

We meet the guys from Crockd, a super cool group (dare we say, cooler than us) who are all about learning pottery and ceramics from home. Order your kits today and Get Crockd on your own, with your pals or even with that guy who will NOT leave your DMs.

Who are you guys?
We're Crockd! We consider ourselves to be an art therapy brand for millennials. We create DIY pottery kits that are designed to get you out of your head and into your hands.

I want to get into pottery – what’s the easiest thing to start with?
Pottery is something that everyone should try at least once! It's best to always start with a mug if you can - It's something that we all understand in terms of what the end result should be. It also ensures that you've learnt the basics of pinch potting, coiling and scoring (pottery jargon haha). Once you've completed a mug you're ready to conquer the world of ceramics. This is what we teach people to make with our Crockd kits.

3 tips for beginners…
There are no rules when it comes to pottery! If you're a first-timer then you just have to get past the fear of being bad it! Just concentrate on the feeling of moving and moulding the clay between your hands.

The best tip we can give you is to do your best to avoid your work blowing up int he kiln! Unlike air dry clay, ceramic clay can't be more than 3 cm thick - so if you're making a large piece it always has to be hollow on the inside!

What are the benefits of playing with clay?
Clay is such a hands-on experience. Unlike some other crafts, there's nothing between you and the art and so you immediately start to relax and unwind. Pottery requires focus and intent while you pinch, pot and sculpt your piece into shape. This concentration automatically puts you in a self-reflective state, which Crockd then takes a step further by introducing our conversation cards called "Clay Breakers".

How can we have some clay fun while in lock down?
Definitely get your hands on one of our OG Crockd kits! We've loved seeing friends and teams organise virtual pottery dates with each other. It's a great way to connect over a hands-on experience while remaining in lockdown. You can see all our different kits here.

Where do you find inspiration for your creations?
Honestly, we get the most inspiration from watching what our customers create and share on Instagram. Our story highlights are completely full with the most amazing creations. People are so imaginative!

Favourite tunes on your playlist while you're working?
I'm a sucker for slow R&B / blues music - basically the entire sound track to Big Little Lies!

Follow the team at Crockd on Insta here - check out their MCTV feature below 🌟