Blogged by: Melbourne Central 13 Aug 2020

Perfect Winged Eyeliner

It’s all about the dramatic eye and what better way to make a statement than with the ultimate wing.

Whether you’re going for a black and bold look or bright and colourful listen up … we’ve got the inside scoop from Alphie Sadsad, National Artistry Lead at Sephora with all the tips and tricks you need to perfecting your wing eyeliner.  

What you’ll need:
•    Cotton tip 
•    Eyeliner pencil 
•    Liquid eyeliner 
•    Eye cream 
•    Precision eye brush 
•    Mascara
Step 1 
Let’s start by tracing your outer wing. Use an eyeliner pencil and simply follow the natural shape of your eye from your lower lash line. Keep your eyes open to ensure you stick to your natural shape. 

Step 2
Take your liquid liner and follow the shape you have traced filling in the wing. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, we can fix that just do your best. Continue to fill in your upper lash line to create a full bold effect. 

Step 3 
Time to clean up… take your precision eye brush and lightly coat it with your eye cream. Again following your natural eye shape and lash line tidy up your wing and sharpen the point. Use the cotton tip to remove any excess liner or cream.

Step 4 
Nothing says a bold eye better than mascara. Coat your lashes from the root and focus on the outer corners for a more dramatic cat eye effect. 

Voilà! Bat those eye lids and you’ll be ready for whatever the day brings you

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