Blogged by: Melbourne Central 22 Apr 2020

Meet Al Parkinson

Al Parkinson - happy/sad singer, ELLA regular and overall awesome gal. She's the next performer to bless us with her tunes on MCTV - stay tuned!

You’re on a desert island and you only get to take three albums with you - what are they? 
Graceland - Paul Simon, At Last - Etta James and Barchords - Bahamas.
First CD you ever bought? Honest answers only.  
Alanis Morrissette - Jagged Little Pill 
Which musician would you trade places with for a day? 
Alive: Mariah Carey Not Alive: Etta James
Favourite song you’ve ever written?
I think a song called ‘Bad Words’ I haven’t released it yet, but it’s about when someone breaks up with you and you really want to hate them and call them all the ‘bad words’ but you can’t because they can’t help how they feel. 
What was your most memorable performance? 
There are many that are memorable for different reasons. The ones that people just yelled at the footy over, the ones that were totally silent, there was one that I forgot the lyrics to my song and a member of the audience I’d never met sung them out to me. There was one that I played one of my songs as someone was walking down the aisle. There are too many good memories to pick one!
What did you want to do when you were younger?
I actually wanted to be an actor! I loved being in plays and musicals. I loved the community of it, which I also found in the music community later on. 
Any tips for aspiring musicians/performers? 
Go and see music. Or listen to new music. All the time. You’ll create a community without even realising it and learn so much from other players/songwriters.
What’s the first thing you’re going to do after iso? 
Hug my family. My nephews are going to get really sick of it because I will not stop hugging them.