Blogged by: Melbourne Central 28 Apr 2020

Meet Brett Blake

You wanted funny, so we're bringing it in the form of Brett Blake. You're welcome.

Best Dad joke?
Which character from Seinfeld can carry the most fuel? Jerry can! Thank you and good night, try the parma!
How’d you get into comedy?
I wanted to be like Billy Connelly, so I entered a comedy competition! They hated me so I stopped for two years, then had another crack! I’ll keep ya posted on the outcome.
Who are some of your fave comedians right now?
Nick Capper, Judith Lucy, Anne Edmonds and Alex Ward!
Where do you get your material?
Trams, always on trams. Nah just from everyday things, like trauma from my childhood! 
What’s your most memorable performance?
I once performed at a homeless shelter at Christmas time. They introduced me to the stage at same time they announced the buffet was open! The empty room was brutal! But i got free ham
Do you have any secret talents?
Deep-sea specialty diver!
How are you keeping yourself busy during iso?
Picked up a job in construction doing demolition, which is sweet
If you were a character on Tiger King, who would you be?
I’d be my own character called Smoko King, all I'd do is sit on a milk crate and smash Travellers Pies.