Blogged by: Melbourne Central 28 Apr 2020

Meet Ben Kochan

The Comedy Festival was cancelled, but we're still bringing laughs to the lounge room. Tune into MCTV for some overall good vibes from comedian Ben Kochan. 

You’re a comedian - tell us a joke. 
Guy is at a bar and he’s so drunk that he vomits all over himself. Bartender puts $10 in his pocket and says “when you get home tell your wife that someone threw up on you and they gave you $10 to pay for dry cleaning.” He gets home and his wife says “what happened to you?” “Oh a guy threw up all over me but he gave me $10 to pay for it.” She says “But there’s a $20 in your pocket” he says “Oh yeh, he also shit in my pants too.” 
Describe yourself in three emojis.
The one with the monocle, the nose and a top hat. 
What did you want to do when you were younger?
I think architect for a bit, and then I did successfully go to uni and completed 6 weeks of a 5 year architecture degree.
Thoughts on hecklers? Go.
Hmm, they’re a bit annoying if I may go so far as to say that.
If we weren’t in iso rn, what would you be doing?
Hot air balloon tafe course. 
How much netflix have you consumed in the last month? Honest answers only.
A bit, not too much. Mainly been watching The Office on STAN. 
How do we hear more from you?
@benkochan on Twitter and @benkochan on Instagram