Blogged by: Melbourne Central 23 Apr 2020

Meet Alphie Sadsad

He's the National Artistry Lead for Sephora Australia & New Zealand, and MCTV's latest makeup guru! Watch as Alphie Sadsad takes us through his top secret skin care routine and share's his go-to products. Let's find out a little more about him...

What’s your definition of beauty? 
Definition of beauty to me, is to be comfortable in your own skin, being authentic and being the best version of yourself. 

Where do you find your inspo? 
Inspiration for me is everywhere, from my surroundings, to the flowers I see and of course social media. I’m currently finding inspiration mostly on social media - this has helped in reconnecting and continuing to inspire me in these strange times and not to forget good old telly!

Name a secret talent that only a few people know about? 
Haha, Apparently  I can make any type of Risotto dish, if you call that a talent. When I was younger, I also used to do a lot of needle point. Maybe this taught me the patience and dexterity for makeup

What was your first beauty product obsession? 
As a young kid my mum introduced me to Skincare due to having problematic skin and I have been obsessed ever since, thanks mum!

Trends or Classics? 
Classic all the way. I remember my mother wearing blue eyeshadow and knowing what era that photo was taken. Trends are always fun, but classic is timeless.

The beauty products you carry with you at all times… 
I always have a lip balm in different textures, like a lip oil and a balm in my bag. I also carry a Sephora Collection Hand Sanitizer and sometimes I even carry an eyelash curler so my lashes are always curled. 

Clean beauty… a fad or here to stay? 
Clean beauty is here to stay. You will see more and more brands becoming clean and sustainable.  Sephora Collection is a great example, especially Good Skincare. Everything we love about it is clean, eco-friendly, and 99% natural range….. you should definitely check them out.  

Words of wisdom for budding make-up artists? 
I have two pearls of wisdom –
1) Patience, patience and more patience is key. 
2) Be brave with your brush

Where will we find you IRL once these weird times are over? 
Haha, You will find me at a bar drinking a good dirty vodka martini with the people I love.