Blogged by: Melbourne Central 16 Apr 2019

That's SO 90s

It was the decade we lived on Push-Pops, got down to our Walkman, traded Pogs and dreamed of one day owning Cher’s closet from Clueless.

While we’re totally buggin’ about that closet not being invented yet, we’re loving the fact the 90s are majorly back in fashion. We literally haven’t stopped wearing scrunchies, neon, mum jeans and chunky sneakers… and we’re not afraid to wear them all at once.

We're loving this comeback so much that we’re going to celebrate this iconic era with a 90s House Party that would put one of Stifler’s parties in American Pie to shaaame. No invite required either - just don your 90s best, get to Melbourne Central for Shop The City on Wednesday 1 May from 10am-9pm, and be ready to party like it’s 1999!

Need some inspo to pull together your ultimate 90s look? Keep scrolling.

Melbourne Central 90s House Party

@iambatoolrizvi wears:

Tommy Hilfiger T-Shirt - Universal Store
Yellow Puffer Plaid Jacket - Universal Store 
Tommy Hilfiger Jeans - Universal Store 
Rings - 100 Squared 
1460 Dr Martens + Stance Socks - Platypus Shoes 
Sunglasses - Supre

Batool put together this 90s look with a $600 budget.

Images shot in St Station, Lower Ground Melbourne Central

Melbourne Central 90s House Party

Favourite 90s trend -
Pop of colour! I love the way the makeup style was so minimal yet so bold with a statement of colour, whether it be lips, liner, shadow, blush etc. 
Favourite 90s movie/tv show - 
My favourite movie is definitely the Home Alone series and my favourite tv show is hands down F.R.I.E.N.D.S! 
Favourite 90s food - 
My favourite 90s food consists of a lot of junk! I loved my sunny boys, Shapes, smiley potatoes and Bega cheese stringers! 
Favourite 90s memory - 
I loved the memories of growing up with my siblings and being so loved by my family. My siblings and I are really close and we spent our whole childhood playing together on the trampoline, playing tiggy or hide n seek etc. Nintendo 64 went off and we would fight a lot over who won Mario Kart! 

Melbourne Central 90s House Party

@cat.garlick wears:

Dress - Universal Store
Tee & backpack - Cotton On
Sunglasses - Dotti
Earrings - Colette
Watch & earrings - Mimco 
Shoes - JD Sports

Cat put together this 90s inspired 'fit with a $200 budget!

Melbourne Central 90s House Party

Favourite 90s fashion/beauty trends -
Slip dresses, graphic tees & lip gloss

Favourite 90s movie/tv show - 
10 Things I Hate About You 

Favourite 90s food - 
Viennetta and Hubba Bubba

Favourite 90s memory -
I moved to Australia in the 90s from New Zealand, which was a huge adventure! I’ve got some great memories from school - I can remember hiding my Tamagotchi from my teachers 😂

Melbourne Central 90s House Party

@savagethegirl_ wears:

Choker / Earrings - Lovisa
Top - Universal Store
Skirt - Dangerfield
Socks/Suspenders - Socks Club
Shoes - Platypus

Savage created this 90s look with a $400 budget.

Melbourne Central 90s House Party

Favourite 90s fashion/beauty trend -
Oversized clothing
Favourite 90s movie/tv show - 
The Craft - my 90s outfit was inspired by this movie
Favourite 90s music - 
UK Jungle