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Gifts That Give Back
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 04 Dec 2017
The holidays are often a season for giving, not just to friends, colleagues and family, but also to people in need. From companies who help the environment, support those less fortunate or donate to other noteworthy causes, we’d love to highlight our retailers at Melbourne Central who are giving back this Christmas. So if you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas, choose a gift that gives back.


The Body Shop

For every gift you buy from The Body Shop's seasonal gift collections, they will donate money to international Alert's Peace Play Project. The Body Shop and International Alert are helping refugee children to be children again with their game-changing seasonal gift collections.

The Peace Play Project provides organised, therapeutic play sessions to help traumatised children to heal and express difficult emotions. Sessions are determined by the moods of the children, and can involve playback theatre as a way of encouraging children to work through the trauma they've faced.
Get into The Body Shop Melbourne Central for a life-changing gift this Christmas.


Fighting against animal testing and supporting ethical buying, Lush has released an organic cotton tote bag with the objective to raise awareness against animal testing. With the print of their iconic Fighting Animal Testing logo on the front, help raise awareness on the fight against animal testing. By purchasing a Lush tote, you will also be supporting the efforts of re-wrap, which empowers women in India by offering training and employment handcrafting sustainable textile products.



Check the supermarket aisles for the range of fantastic products by Thank you. Thankyou gives 100% of their profits to the Thankyou Charitable Trust, which distributes funds to life-changing food, water, health and sanitation programs around the world. With beautiful Christmas gift sets available, go down to your local Coles and buy a gift that gives back.



The Butterfly Foundation supports people affected by eating disorders and negative body image. Support the Butterfly Foundation by buying a gift from Sportsgirl this Christmas! With the beautiful range of Butterfly Foundation jewellery and accessories, help Sportsgirl raise awareness and funds to assist those suffering from eating disorders.


Cotton On

With 100% of the proceeds from the sales of Cotton On Foundation products going to the Cotton On Foundation, you will help empower youth around the world through quality education. With a range of tote bags, wrist wear, tissues and water available from the Cotton On Foundation range, grab a stocking filler that will support youth around the world.

cotton on


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