NEW CHOCOMANIA! Made with a rich choc dough & topped with choc goodness, meet our chocolatiest creation yet!

Krispy Kreme NEW Chocomania Range
Blogged by: Krispy Kreme 05 Apr 2024

Our ever-talented doughnut creators have gone full choc-o-mania and crafted four rich, indulgent, and decadent doughnuts.

To whet your appetite or for those who appreciate a classic - the Double Choc Iced Doughnut is our limited time only choc-dough that has been glazed, and then dipped in smooth choc icing.

Wanting something with a bit of crunch? The Choc Caramel Crunch Doughnut is our choc-dough ring, dipped in choc ganache, sprinkled with Salted Caramel Inclusions, and drizzled with caramel truffle.

Triple the delight with our Triple Choc Delight Doughnut - an elegant and morish choc-dough ring, dipped in white-truffle, sprinkled with milk choc cereal clusters, and drizzled with milk choc ganache.

And finally, the mouth-watering Choc Indulgence Doughnut our limited time choc-dough ring, dipped in choc ganache, with a Choc Kreme swirl, and topped with choc-fudge pieces, and milk-choc ganache drizzle. 

You'll want a Dozen...

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