Behind the Bright Notes design with Steph Hughes
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 25 Feb 2015

What inspired your design for the piano? Were there specific images/places/things in the city that you wanted to include?

I came in with a little idea, but it totally changed every day. I knew what colours I was going to work with.  I spent lunchtime scoffing food on the State Library lawn next to the carnies and evangelicals, and then would come back in with another incident to doodle about. It was great! I wanted to paint the intersection of Swanston and La Trobe streets in whatever way it came out because I've loitered there a lot in my life. There are a few landmarks in there, some words, and some subliminal messages.

How different is a canvas like this to a painting on canvas or in PhotoPhop? Did the shape present any obstacles for you?

I had to do a few coats more than usual, and I probably had to do a bit more ducking and weaving around woodwork, but it was extreeeeemely enjoyable to paint. I had snacks, music, and a phone-reception-free basement to work in!

What kind of songs do you hope people play when they're sitting at the piano?

Probably something like this:

Or this:

Or this:

How does it feel to know your art has a permanent spot in Melbourne Central, and can be interacted with by everyone?

Painting a piano and knowing it has a home is amazing, so I’m chuffed. I hope it incites people to take more breaks and let rip on their outsider versions of Beyonce's '1+1'.

Go behind the scenes of Steph’s process in this video on our Facebook.



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