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The Festive Season happens every year, but that doesn't mean you have to do the same thing over and over. RMIT has teamed up with Melbs Central to bring you a fresh take on a known classic.

Designed by RMIT Visual Merchandising students Molly McCaffrey and Kate Gardner in collaboration with Melbourne Central, these trees combine the season’s most stylish shades (blue, orange, pink) with top trends in the worlds of fashion and events: pom poms and balloon installations. Inspired by the colours of the season, these Pom Pom Trees are something you wont be able to miss around the centre. Using different fabrics and textures, these RMIT students have brought a whole new meaning to the word festive (plus, who doesn't love giant pom poms!).

You can find them throughout L2 for the entire month of December. Stop by, pick a fave, snap a pic, and continue on your merry way!

Curious about the thought process that went into them? We were too, so we figured we'd share a few secrets:

Inspired by street-style trendsetters in hi-vis hues, sunset shades are having a major fashion moment on runways and red carpets. Orange is like the colour chart’s Kardashian: it bursts with confidence and loves being the centre of attention – so get ready to see this sassy citrus take over!

From delicate duck egg to nautical navy, cool blues are set to make waves in wardrobes and inspire interiors throughout 2018. When you need to chill, rely on the relaxing vibes of this harmonious hue and it’ll become your design BFF in no time.

Making statements everywhere from couture catwalks to the street style scene, fashion’s cotton candy colour obsession just keeps spreading the love.  Like a tender hug from your crush, pink brings on the warm and fuzzy feels – no wonder we adore basking in its blushing, rosy glow.



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