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Perfect skin is always in.

What’s better than a new outfit or a pair of shoes?…Perfect skin that you are able to show off every day. Nothing is worse than feeling insecure about your skin and having to constantly cover it up with make up (hands up if acne has made your life hell.. or still does!).

Self Centred Medi Spa has been open for 14 years and specialises in the newest proven technologies for fighting acne. Their TRI-BEAM Q-switched Laser is used for the Carbon Laser Peel, and is known as the ‘eraser laser’ (badass name for a badass product much?). How's it work? Well if you want the nitty gritty... the treatment opens up the pores, and Carbon Paste is applied and pushed into the pores. Next, the laser fuses the carbon to the sebum and keratinised dead skin cells and like magic the laser erases the carbon and takes all of the nasties with it. And voila! Beautiful, clear skin.

Have we got your attention now? Good!
Learn more about the treatment here, and book your appointment here.
Looking for other ways to bring out your inner beauty? Grab a glass of cucumber water, and settle in. They've got plenty to choose from.



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