Let Essential Beauty help you bring all your ear piercing ideas to life!
Blogged by: Essential Beauty 19 Mar 2024

Essential Beauty are the piercing specialists – let them help you bring all your ear piercing ideas to life!

Essential Beauty offer a vast range of different ear piercing placements. Some of our most popular services include ear lobes (first, second, thirds), tragus, helix, upper lobe, conch and flat piercings.

Essential Beauty offer their Contactless Sterilear System piercing system for children and adult lobes. You can even book double operators to have an even quicker piercing process. All other ear locations will be pierced with a single use, sterilised cannula needle.

If you’re wanting to style your ear with a fun attachment, or cute ring to begin with, Essential Beauty can help you out! The piercing experts will use their single use, sterilised cannula needle to pierce the ear with a ring. Healing times and ear piercing aftercare all remain the same!

Head into Essential Beauty for all your ear piercing needs!

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