Tricky Walsh
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 17 Oct 2016
Tricky Walsh 

Tricky Walsh works both collaboratively and in a solo capacity. With a focus on both spatial and communication concerns while using a diversity of media (architecture, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, sound, film, comics, radio) it is foremost the concept at hand that determines which form of material experimentation occurs within these broader themes. 

HD Video, stereo, 4 minutes 6 seconds, 2016. Edition of 10+2AP

I saw a building in a magazine once which had a tiny window placed just so, that at a certain time of day at a certain time of year the sun would pour itself in and lie like a luminous carpet at the exact angle to emphasize the beauty of a horizontal surface meeting a vertical one and I thoughtthat’s it,
that’s exactly what it should be. It mostly isn’t of course, but the process of the making, and the imperceptible inevitable decay that comes with the aging of things is almost as convincing. This film is a loop which celebrated both aspects.


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