Natasha Manners
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 17 Oct 2016
Natasha Manners

Natasha Manners is a Melbourne emerging artist who’s interdisciplinary work is interested in how people form connections to spaces. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from Monash University in 2015. After graduating, Manners did a residency at SIM in Reykjavik and once back in Australia was invited to collaborate on a site specific work titled Neither Here Nor There for Dark Mofo with Constance ARI. She has a solo show in October at Rubicon ARI showing the film work made in Iceland at the start of the year.

Making Myself at Home
HD Video, 16:9, stereo, colour, sound, 2:55 minutes, 2016

The setting of this collage composed film is a historic site in Iceland called Laufskalavarda where many cairns have been erected and left to stand and grow lichen and moss over time. Focused on the permanency of things, this work brings together two entities which are the opposite of what they should be; the stacks of stones are enduring where they should be temporary while the furniture pasted into the scene should be long-lasting but it is flat-packed and thus disposable. Making Myself at Home contemplates the changes in the home environment since the permeation of flat-pack furniture.


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