Katie Sfetkidis
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 17 Oct 2016
Katie Sfetkidis

Katie Sfetkidis is a performance artist and award winning lighting designer living and working in Melbourne. Her current work investigates the heavily constructed nature of identity and reality across a variety of media including: video, performance,installation and photography. She has presented works in the following performance festivals; Festival of Live Art, Melbourne, (2016 & 2014), Underbelly Arts Festival, Cockatoo Island, Sydney (2013), Light Speculation, Lab14 – Carlton Connect Initiative, (2015) and Blindside Gallery Nite Art Series (2013). Katie is currently undertaking a Master of Contemporary Art at the Victorian College of the Arts.

Divine Inspiration
HD Video, 16:9, 3 minutes, 2016

Divine Inspiration explores the interplay between religion and popular culture. It is primarily concerned with notions of performativity and constructed identities inherent in religious iconography and celebrity culture. Performed by the artist, the character present in the work is a cultural mash up, drawing on Christianity, the occult and superstitions such as the Evil Eye. In a constant state of reawakening, the character is a moving icon, stuck in an endless loop from which there is no escape.


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