Jess Kritzer
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 17 Oct 2016

Jess Kritzer 
Jess Kritzer is a Melbourne based visual artist. She has trained as both a costume maker and a painter. She teaches costume and contemporary arts practice at the VCA and facilitates a studio art program for Ngwala Willumbong’s Winja Ulupna House. Jess is currently completing her doctorate at the VCA. 

The Wigglers
HD Video, 16:9, stereo, colour, 4.44minutes, 2015, Edition of 5 + 1AP 

I’m interested in how groups appear and present themselves through the construction of a shared surface. The Wigglers builds a group from costume, shared motion and a sense of common fate. I used Zen Chi exercise machines to establish motion for the figures that is not predicated upon the figures physically moving themselves. I consider the machines as part of the characters’ costume but the machines also have a character even when they are moving without the figures in them. This piece questions the notion of life and animation. It suggests that we form groups with items that are animate and inanimate… dogs, rocks, people, machines. 


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