Tristan Jalleh
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Blogged by: Melbourne Central 05 Apr 2016
Tristan Jalleh
Tristan Jalleh was born in Adelaide, Australia in 1979. Jalleh works predominantly as a digital video artist, but includes sculpture and drawing in his gallery installations. Jalleh’s artistic practice has also expanded into art direction for commercial music videos since 2013. He currently lives and works in Melbourne.
Jalleh has exhibited work at Sydney Contemporary 2015, Galleries UNSW (COFA) in 2014 and the Powerhouse Museum for ISEA 2013, as well as QUT Creative Industries Precinct in Brisbane, RMIT Gallery, BUS Projects, Utopian Slumps Gallery, Platform, and Federation Square in Melbourne. His work was included in AsiaLink’s Put Up A Signal project with Indonesia in 2014 and the Experimenta International Biennial of Media Art in 2013.
His work will be showing at C3 Gallery and Nicholas Projects Gallery in 2016.
Tristan Jalleh
‘Floating Vent’

2015. Digital video, looped, 1:00 minutes.
Floating Vent explores the cross-talk between different forms of visual media in a CG-saturated landscape. Architectural images, video game graphics, contemporary art, cinema, music videos and advertising are aesthetically converging, aggregating the specifics of each medium into a common visual language.
Floating Vent builds an out-of-body cinematic experience using commercial architectural photography. Hopefully the work’s visual distinctions between art, advertising and entertainment will be blurred even further while screening in the context of Melbourne Central’s newly redesigned retail space. 


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