Sonia Sierra
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Blogged by: Melbourne Central 05 Apr 2016
Sonia Sierra
Sonia Sierra Valois is a Colombian film director based in Melbourne, with a background in fine arts and video installation. After showing her work in several Latin American exhibitions, Sonia took a break from art to complete a Master of Creative Media in film and TV production at RMIT, where she further developed her interest in the avant-garde movement and directed and produced her own independent short film. She is now expanding and enhancing her unique and experimental approach to the artistic film form through her video works, re-evaluating cinematic conventions, using video as a medium to search out new ways to communicate her inner states and experiences.
Sonia Sierra
2016. HD video, 1:15 minutes.

Part of a series of videos exploring inner states and filmmaking, Hesitation studies the fears and consequences of making doubtful choices. The foundation for this project was the artist’s indecision and disbelief before creating her first video work in many years. From the moment of conception all the way through filming and editing, her struggle to make a certain decision served as a guide to find and observe her hidden fears of both success or failure and their imaginary consequences.
With the help of artist Catalina Perez, Sierra becomes a passive observer of her fears and mental imagery, translating her emotions into actions by using objects from her immediate surroundings. The manipulation of colour through editing emphasises her experience of uncertainty about the right course of action. The film is finally completed; fear was never an obstacle, but was of service.


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