Sarah Rudledge's ‘Thomastown’
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Blogged by: Melbourne Central 16 Mar 2016
Sarah Rudledge
Sarah Rudledge is a visual artist based in Melbourne. Working within her own urban environment, she uses live performance and video to explore the construction of self.
She is particularly interested in the elusive psychological realms of the Real and the uncanny.
Rudledge recently graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Master of Contemporary Art. She has participated in numerous group shows and collective performances as well as initiating her own live performance events. In 2015 she was awarded the Fiona Myer Travelling Scholarship.
Sarah Rudledge

2015. Single channel video, 7:20 minutes.
Thomastown is a video work filmed at an outer Melbourne construction site. Responding instinctively to the site, the artist seeks to claim ownership of the space by moving through it with her body and employing objects found at the location – such as nuts and bolts – to create resonant sound.
This work is the artist’s contemplation of the link between risk-taking – by being potentially vulnerable through isolation – and a sense of personal freedom. Documenting this performance as a video work records a private moment of play and positions the camera as the silent observer.


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