Megan Keating's ‘The Wind up Ministry‘ (in collaboration with Samuel Johnstone)
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Blogged by: Melbourne Central 16 Mar 2016
Megan Keating
Megan Keating is a multidisciplinary artist, crossing installation, painting and paper cutting. She is particularly interested in traditional paper cutting folk art techniques, which she re-contextualises through painting and cut-out works. Keating’s work explores intersections between the natural environment, technology and culture, drawing odd and often absurd connections between man-made objects and natural flora. These works also allude to our relationship with screen-based devices and the influence they have on the way we interact and understand our environment.

Keating has exhibited extensively since 1999. Recent solo projects include Mobile Living (2013) and Nature Strip (2012), both at MARS Gallery, Melbourne. She has also presented her work in Hobart, Devonport, Malaysia and Taipei; and as part of group exhibitions, Keating’s work has toured nationally and to Vietnam, Singapore, South Korea and the Philippines.
Megan Keating
‘The Wind up Ministry‘ (in collaboration with Samuel Johnstone)

2015. Animation, 2:53 minutes.


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