Martine Corompt's ‘Torrent – The Endless Storm’
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Blogged by: Melbourne Central 16 Mar 2016
Martine Corompt
Born on the Channel Island of Jersey, Martine Corompt lives and works in Melbourne. She has been working with moving image-based installation for over 20 years, with a specific interest in researching aspects of animation including reductive representation, caricature and the animate space. Much of her work is collaborative and interdisciplinary, seeking to incorporate sound, space and image, as well as highlighting the more direct relationship between spectator and artwork.
Martine has been involved in museum and gallery exhibitions internationally in Los Angeles, Berlin and Japan, as well as undertaking more localised public art projects in and around Melbourne. Martine was recently a recipient of the 2015 Melbourne Festival Art Tram commission for her work Look Both Ways.
Martine continues to lecture in Media Arts at RMIT’s School of Art, and is currently undertaking her PhD at VCA Melbourne University, titled: Forced Perspectives: Cartoon and the Cult of Reduction.
Martine Corompt
‘Torrent – The Endless Storm’

2016. Single channel animation, no sound, 3:06 minutes.
Torrent – the endless storm depicts a hypnotic, perpetual silent tempest, stripped of its fury and transformed into a simplified gesture of graphic line, paralleling the flow of water with the more everyday association of the flow of data. This work was originally commissioned for the CCP night projection for the 2015 Melbourne Festival.


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