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Blogged by: Melbourne Central 16 Mar 2016
Martha Ackroyd Curtis
Martha Ackroyd Curtis is a video and installation artist who recasts the mould of her medium every time she switches record mode. Ackroyd Curtis’s video works range from performance to suburban eccentricity to humour in its raw essence. She shoots then she edits; the edits can be the piece, or the ‘taping’ in its purest form is it!
She is currently the creator and owner of the City of Yarra-supported The Video’s Suitcase Walk, in which she has literally turned heads throughout 2015 and 2016, walking through the streets of Fitzroy, Collingwood and Richmond with a suitcase and video capsule on display. An original form of displaying the moving image was born. Taking screens to the streets, with her crew, the Stroll Collective. She has always found ways of expression through this medium, and she likes it to take her places… and you too.

Martha Ackroyd Curtis
‘Bus Trip‘

2016. Single channel video, sound, 0:28 minutes.
This footage was shot on location in Hobart, Tasmania, on a ‘tourist’ visit. The original footage was just the artist turning on ‘record’ on her 7D Canon digital SLR, while heading into the city on the shuttle bus.
“I first thought: what can I do with this? I then recently began editing this footage. I overlaid the imagery, over a couple of times, or doubled it up. It soon reminded me of feeling queasy in cars, planes and bus trips. The ‘optics’ I created mesmerised me, and others, and I was really glad. The visual was what made it. It did not need anything else…
“It is what it is… A BUS TRIP :)”


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