Jane Safarian's ‘Ellipsism’
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Blogged by: Melbourne Central 16 Mar 2016
Jane Safarian
Jane Safarian is a 22-year-old multidisciplinary artist living in Melbourne. Safarian graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor of Fine Art from Monash University. In her final year, in collaboration with Natasha Manners, she curated three exhibitions at Monash University’s 1space gallery. Safarian’s work has appeared in group exhibitions at 1space, Artmeet ARI and Studio 106, Melbourne. She is interested in creating work that examines emotions and human interactions.
Jane Safarian

2016. Single channel video, 7:19 minutes.
Through an exploration of light, Ellipsism looks at illusion. The work echoes life’s constant play between, and blurring of, the micro and macro. It is this confusion and misjudgement of reality that pushes you to emphasise the insignificant things in the world, allowing them to make your heart race.


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