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Adele Varco's 30 Suits
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 16 Mar 2016 View comments
Adele Varcoe is an Australian artist and designer who creates fashion experiences that explore the social and affective dimensions of fashion, dress and clothes. She brings people together to construct participatory performances that explore the elusive nature of fashion, by putting people in situations where their senses of self are heightened through their clothes.
Working with actors, models and the public Adele investigates how fashion affects the interactions and relations between people. She is interested in the behaviour fashion evokes and the role social interaction plays in shaping our perception of dress.
Currently, Adele is digging deep into her practice by undertaking a PhD in the School of Fashion and Textiles at RMIT University. She also teaches and runs workshops with various universities and organisations around the world.

‘30 Suits’
2015. Single channel video, sound, 1:57 minutes.
For the past four years Adele has worn a jumpsuit every day without fail. Something that started as a way to save time in the morning became an ongoing performance that captured how clothing can affect our everyday life experience. This video captures the colourful suits and subsequent responses that Adele has experienced since the beginning of the project. 


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