Brendan Lee
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 17 Oct 2016
Brendan Lee
The video and photographic artworks of Brendan Lee are an exploration of the evolutionary nature of Australian cultural identity. In recent years, Lee has focused on investigating the unique undercurrents of society through commenting on groups and teams that are unique to Australia; it's stereotypes and history. Specifically, Lee's ongoing research project examines the cultural and historical differences between Larrikins, Bogans and Hoons, their approaches to competition, affiliations and filmic references. 

The Great Divide: Boot Tree
HD Video, 3 channel presented as 1, Stereo, 4 minutes, 2016

The Great Divide: Boot Tree is a recreation of actual trees that exist in the mining states, creating a memorial for the fly in - fly out workers at the end of a contract. On their way back to the airstrip, such trees are used to hang worker’s old steel cap boots, helmets and the odd Esky. Over the years they can accumulate hundreds of boots. The Great Divide boot tree is an oversized signpost that points to fictional Australian film locations referenced throughout the series, draped in hanging football boots skillfully tossed signifying the end of a season. 


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