Alex Lanau-Atkinson
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 17 Oct 2016
Alex Lanau-Atkinson
Alex Lanau-Atkinson moved from Tasmania 6 years ago to further his interest and passion in filmmaking. Working on various C31 shows and studying at Footscray City Films, Alex developed skills and knowledge that he would use to start up his own videography business. Alex has a passion for visual narrative and aspires to shoot and produce feature films.

16:9, stereo, colour, sound, 3 min 24 sec, 2016

I went into this project expecting to change and adapt the original idea, when I think about the piece now as a final product and how it has morphed into something completely different from the original concept, I guess it's the kind of thing I have always wanted to try. It's chaotic, expressive and unpredictable and I like editing and videos that are like that. Using random snippets of footage I have shot from over the last 3-4 years, alongside with some staged stuff I shot for the original concept, I used a technique called datamoshing to create the glitching effect and blend everything together. I basically ran the footage through multiple programs until I got the desired


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