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Blogged by: Melbourne Central 30 May 2017
As we approach the cooler season, nothing beats a nice warm meal to fill our bellies – the delicious food that gets us through those long frosty days. We have searched high and low, and come up with the top Warm Winter Food Trends for both the meatatarians and vegetarians.

Artisan Burgers at Melbourne Central


We've decided we don't want Kale No More! We are finding newer (and yummier) food trends hitting our streets.
There has been an increasing number of burger franchises popping up all over. We love the scrumptiously satisfying taste of a good quality burger, stacked with meat, meat and more meat. The second it hits our palettes we are introduced to a mouth full of delicious flavours.

Fulfil those food cravings and visit Burger Project at Melbourne Central for the best in burgers this winter.

the burger project melbourne central

You can’t have a burger without a side of mouth-watering chips. Visit Lord of the Fries at Melbourne Central for the best hot chips around:

  • Classic fries
  • Chunky fries
  • Shoe string fries
  • Sweet potato fries (our favourite

Not only are they delicious, but guess what… they're 100% vegan! We love that Lord of the Fries caters for everyone (we’re talking to all the vegos out there).  Try one of their award winning vegetarian burgers - we promise you won't regret it!

lord of fries at melbourne central

Poke’ Bowls at Melbourne Central

With Acai Bowls are so last season, we welcome the new delicious trend of Poke Bowls.

Let’s face it, food tastes better when it’s eaten out of a bowl. It’s easier, it’s faster and it’s so much more practical than hand held food. Delve into some of delicious Poke Bowls at Sushi Sushi, and some of our favourites from Ajisen Ramen at Melbourne Central, which include:

  • Seafood Ramen
  • Spicy Spare Ribs Ramen
  • Spicy Miso Ramen
  • Volcano Ramen

Grab a nice warm bowl of your favourite cuisine and head back to work, or even eat it on the go.
Discover Sushi Sushi at Melbourne Central.

Visit Melbourne Central where you will find all the latest in Warm Winter Food Trends. Visit the food court and be completely spoilt for choice.

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