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Blogged by: Cynthia Costanzo, The Plate Project 27 Jul 2016

The Melbourne International Film Festival kicks off on July 28 and offers you a ticket around the world right from the centre of Melbourne! Hoyts Melbourne Central is playing host to an exciting array of world movies and short films throughout the festival. Food and cinema go hand in hand and I’m pretty (very, very, very!) excited to be showcasing five destinations you’ll need to visit during MIFF.



Crispy, fried chicken is always an excellent choice for cheat night during MIFF, and what better option than NeNe’s takeaway Original Fried Chicken with the absolute crowd favourite ‘Tornado Potato’. Tasty, crispy and a dash of Korea are the perfect pre-flight meal prior to boarding your Melbourne International Film Festival experience. You’ll be Gangnam Style-ing all the way to the cinema!
NeNe Chicken, Knox Place, Melbourne Central.


There’s no going past a good ‘murican burger, and Mr. Burger have a piece of the US waiting just for you! You just can’t make this stuff up: classic cheese, ketchup, pickles and beef cuddled in a sweet brioche bun. How could anyone deny the beauty of this American classic?
Mr. Burger, Cnr Swanston and La Trobe, Melbourne Central.


Located a few steps from the cinema’s doors, my recent find of Plantation’s Nutella Hot Chocolate has truly blown my mind. Pure chocolate goodness, warm in your cup, really takes that icy edge off Melbourne’s winter, adding a kick of happiness to your stride as you head into Hoyts to watch heartwarming flicks like Balcony, Dream Baby, or Paris 05:59. Because you know what they say: spread love like you would Nutella. If that’s true, then Plantation is Melbourne Central’s love machine!
Plantation, Level 2, Melbourne Central.


I’m turning Japanese over Harajuku Crepes! Of course I got the chocolate and strawberry crepe with EXTRA chocolate fudge just in case the sugar intake wasn’t high enough already. This is the perfect treat while going goggle-eyed over Japanese dramas like After The Storm or thrillers such as Harmonium at MIFF.
Harajuku Crepes, Shop 148 Knox Place, Melbourne Central.


After travelling, you truly experience the appreciation and adoration you have for home. Although MIFF might be a festival showcasing some of the world’s most interesting, talented and thrilling cinematic experiences, like Dorothy said all those years ago: there’s no place like home! Using 5 Senses ‘Dark Horse’ Blend (derived from Colombia, Nicaragua and Indonesia), mixed with some Melbourne hipster, a cracking joke from the barista and a sweet as cup, Standing Room Coffee will make you feel (deliciously) at home on your MIFF journey. Home is where the heart is, but in my case, home is where the coffee is made best.
Standing Room, Level 1, Melbourne Central.

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