NAIDOC Week 2024

Discover more about how we are celebrating NAIDOC week.

NAIDOC Week, which first began in 1975, provides an opportunity for all Australians to learn about First Nations cultures and histories and participate in celebrations of the oldest, continuous living cultures on earth. 

NAIDOC Australia runs an annual poster competition for Indigenous artists. This year’s winner is Deb Belyea (SAMUAWGADHALGAL, TORRES STRAIT) with her Poster ‘Urapun Muy’. 

‘Urapun Muy’, from the Kalaw Kawaw Ya dialect of the Top Western Islands of the Torres Strait, means ‘One Fire’. The title of this work pays homage to Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginal people everywhere, as we all have that one fire: our passion for our culture. 

‘In this work, I have depicted the hands of our ancestors that have carefully dropped a burning ember on to a fire. This ember burns hot with intensity, stoking the flames, as it combines with the new fire. The linear detail shows the energy and power as cultural knowledge is transferred from our ancestors to us today. Culture is the fire that gives us knowledge, wisdom and purpose. 
It is our responsibility to maintain, practice, and pass on our fire to our future generations.  
Afterall, Culture keeps us Blak, Loud and Proud.’ Deb Belyea 

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