Miyama X MinnieSweet

Special Japanese confectionery collaboration. One weekend only! First collaboration between Miyama and MinnieSweets.

For the first time, Miyama Melbourne is teaming up with the delightful MinnieSweets @minniesweets_melbourne for a special weekend collaboration! 🌸🍡

About MinnieSweets
- Melbourne’s first authentic Japanese confectionery maker.
- Japanese confectionery maker.
- Small batch and hand crafter.
- Plant based and Gluten-free.

What is wagashi?

Japanese confectionery (wagashi) has a long and rich heritage much like the rest of Japanese cuisine. But it didn't really become widely available until the 1600's with the introduction of sugar by European merchants.

Confectionery then became widespread in Japan with its inclusion in tea ceremonies and the commercialisation of sugar. This is when wagashi truly developed into the sweets we see today.

Confectioners began to create intricate and beautiful designs inspired by poetry and nature. In fact, wagashi was raised to an art-form (often wagashi is described as "edible art") and sought to engage all human senses with their amazing designs, flavours and textures.

Join us on June 22nd & 23rd 2024, for a special event featuring delightful pairings of matcha and tea with handcrafted wagashi! 

Don’t miss out on this limited experience! 🌟