Blogged by: Melbourne Central 18 May 2020

Clueless Vibes

This isn't a Buzzfeed quiz - but if it was, we'd ask you who your Clueless Spirit Animal is.

Our fashion guru, Alyce Greer took us through her five fave Clueless looks. If you missed it (AS IF) you can check it out right here

We'll wait right here until you've watched it...

Okay, so now you've got all the Clueless inspo in the world - but where are you gonna shop all these iconic LEWKS?

We've got you covered at MC.

WARNING: Tartan overload incoming ⚠


We are totally buggin'. This look is everything is making all our Cher dreams come true. Take this tartan, French chic inspo and make it your own with cute lil accessories like these!

Coat: Cue, RRP: $585
Bag: Forever New, RRP: $69.99
Socks: RM Williams, RRP: $29
Beret: Dangerfield, RRP: $20


Have you been searching for a preppy-yet-extra get up? Well, look no further - we have some serious Dionne vibes for you right here.

Black and white cardi: Dangerfield, RRP: $88
Headband: Forever New, RRP: $16.99
Red cardi: Sportsgirl, RRP:$69.95
Heels: Forever New, RRP: $79.95



Need a look for when you're rollin with the homies? Take notes from this edgy, cute and most importantly - comfy outfit. 

Cardi: Dangerfield, RRP: $68
Head Scarf: Sportsgirl, RRP: $19.99
Boots: Dr. Martens, RRP: $249.99
Tee: Universal Store, RRP: $59.95

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