Blogged by: Melbourne Central and Flex Mami 12 Aug 2020

Meet Flex Mami

Advice for people who wanna build their own social media empire?
Social media is a fickle and random industry, so I would tread carefully. Discern whether you want to be in front of the camera or behind the scenes. Unpack and understand why you want to enter the industry, by comparing your preconceived ideas on what it’s like verses the actual reality. Do this by having candid conversations with people who actually work in the industry.
Which emojis best describe Flex? Discuss.
The double eyes emoji. Could be perceived as someone just observing a situation or person casually, looking suspiciously or being fixated. I do all of these things quite often.
You can only pick one colour to wear for the rest of your life – what is it and why?
Probably black (insert debate here about whether black is a colour or a shade hehe). I like the duality of the shade. It’s everything and nothing. Anonymous and mysterious, yet powerful and stoic. It has the ability to fit comfortably in any scenario. You can wear black to a first date, funeral, wedding, hike, church, seance and it’s always appropriate.
Have you always been so confident and vibrant?
I never associated confidence with vibrance until it was something that was told to me. Being vibrant to me is a cultural influence, rather than an indicator of me being a secure person. But yes, confidence is something that was instilled in me by my Mum from a pretty young age. I also make a point to learn things and keep increasing my level of understanding, and when you know stuff, it’s much easier to maintain trust in yourself.
Fave thing you’ve DIY’d for your house?
My psychedelic gradient and checkerboard chest of drawers.
What is it about Costco Hotdogs? Are they really THAT good? (Asking for a friend without Costco Membership)
They’re perfect because they’re simple and well done. No bells and whistles. Just great flavour. Plus, you don’t need a membership to go to the food court!

2020 has presented so many challenges and it’s been tough for many people...Do you have
any advice or tips or keeping a positive mindset?

Acknowledge a situation for what it is, not for how bad it could get. Stay in the reality of what your experience is. Try not to adopt the hysteria of people around you, after all, the media profits off our outrage. Try and keep an open mind. Practice daily gratitude.
When you come to Melbourne, what’s your fav place to visit?
Hands down, SpudBAR. I race there from the airport every time.

Obviously we NEED to hear more from you – how do we do that?
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You design your own merch – how can we get our hands on some?