Blogged by: Alyce Greer 17 Aug 2020

Couch Couture

I’m just going to come right out and say it: I’m sick of sweats. Controversial, I know. Don’t get me wrong, I know they have their time and place (every night, watching Netflix) but sometimes it’s nice to feel some normality by dressing up, doing your makeup and going out for dinner… even if going out for dinner means staying in and whipping up a feast for those you’re doing lockdown with. 

We can all agree coronavirus has already taken a lot from us (our routine, our freedom, our basic human right to salon appointments). I vote we take a stand and not let it take away the one thing we can control: our farshun. Enter: couch couture. An homage to dressing up and living our best Melbourne winter life, in the comfort of our home. 

Whether you’re a Melburnian that goes to gigs or a one that loves a winery weekend away, a faux fur coat is a winter staple — and a versatile one at that. So, next time you’re coordinating a lockdown date night or housemate hang-out, go all out and be inspired by these faux fur looks. 

You miss... live gigs

Just because we’re dressing up, doesn’t mean we have to be uncomfortable. Pair your faux fur with a casual tank and pair of relaxed animal print pants, that will definitely come in handy during lockdown 2.0. Put on your favourite band’s concert and hit the living room.

Look 1

Faux Fur: General Pants
Skirt: Glue Store
Tank: Surf Dive n Ski
Hat: Surf Dive n Ski
Bag: Mimco
Boots: Country Road
Earrings: Cotton On

You miss... City Nights

If there’s one thing Melburnians love, it’s getting together with friends and exploring our magical city. Why should that change? Don your faux fur, band tee, leather skirt and knee high boots — then shake your favourite cocktail and sit down to a musical or dinner from a local restaurant.

Look 2

Faux Fur: General Pants
Skirt: Witchery
Tee: Universal Store
Boots: Tony Bianco 
Beanie: Mimco
Bag: General Pants

You miss... lunch with the gals

Is there anything better? Our long lunches may be at a standstill, but there’s no reason we can’t bring them back in a lockdown format. Couple your faux fur with jeans, a warm knit and your favourite accessories, then meet your girlfriends on Zoom for a long lunch — complete with mimosas. 

Look 3

Faux Fur: General Pants
Turtleneck: Glassons
Jeans: Glassons
Boots: Tony Bianco
Bag: Glue Store
Earrings: Kookai

You miss... winery hopping

We’re lucky enough to have multiple wine regions on our doorstep — they make the best day out with friends or weekend away with a loved one! Relive the iconic winery weekend in your faux fur, jumpsuit and boots, and make sure you have plenty of wine and tapas on hand. The best part? No getting home.

Faux Fur: General Pants
Turtleneck: Dotti
Jumpsuit: Dangerfield
Boots: Wittner
Lipstick: MAC Lipstick in Morange
Belt: Glue Store