Shaun Wilson
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Blogged by: Melbourne Central 16 Mar 2016
Shaun Wilson
Shaun Wilson is an Australian artist, filmmaker, writer and educator who makes work about memory, place, and scale. He has exhibited widely across Australia and internationally over the past 25 years, and has also made work for other artists, which have been screened and exhibited at museums and galleries including the Tate Modern, Gallery of Modern Art Brisbane, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Institute of Modern Art Brisbane, Museum of Fine Arts Moscow, Bilbao, Centre on Contemporary Art Seattle, Museum of Modern Art Fenosa Union, and ACMI.
Wilson has been represented through international art fairs in Cologne, and Berlin, and is about to undertake his second PhD at Deakin University. His artwork is represented in collections such as the NGV (artist books), State Library of Victoria, Deakin University, ERGAS collection at MCA Sydney, ICECA Thailand, and numerous private collections. Shaun is a senior lecturer in the School of Media & Communication at RMIT University, Australia.
Shaun Wilson
2015. HD video, 5:15 minutes.

This work is drawn from two instalments in the wider Uber Memoria series (2006–), which places people into the same poses as characters found in 800-year-old German medieval paintings, but places them in new locations to represent a ‘memory’ of the source paintings.
“I’m interested in how memory and places share a relationship with each other that affects our sense of reverie, and also, how these factors intersect with contemporary art.”


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