Tin&Ed's Monster

Catch Monster hanging in Shot Tower Square
RISING is nearly on and the festival’s centrepiece event The Wilds has stretched its tendrils into Melbourne Central. Catch Tin&Ed's 'Monster' sculpture hanging from the Cone in Shot Tower Square. Hurry, like the festival, it won't be around for long.

Who are Tin&Ed?
Exploring the dimension between nature and technology, the New York City-based Australian artists and creative technologists Tin&Ed have nurtured a glowing biosphere in The Wilds for RISING this June. Playful, technicolour bursts of newly imagined life forms inhabit a new world built from inflatable 3D sculptures and gaming technology at RISING and Melbourne Central.

A festival three years in the making, created by Melbourne and reconnecting with the world, RISING is inviting audiences to get lost, go deep and shake loose. A surge of art, music, performance and ceremony in the heart of Melbourne, RISING will electrify the city from 1—12 June 2022.