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Cruella De Vil hasn’t always been the Dalmatian loving villain we’ve all come to know. In 1970s ‘punk’ London, a young, penniless Estella (Emma Stone) ran wild through the streets of Soho, searching for her big break in the fashion world.  
Things were not going well for Estella and her friends-in-petty-crime, when a chance encounter with the devastatingly chic Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson) changed everything—setting in motion the series of events that caused her to embrace her wicked-side and become Cruella. 
To celebrate the release, Disney and the RMIT School of Fashion & Textiles have collaborated to bring a series of Cruella inspired outfits that show her in a different light, pulling inspiration from her fashion journey in the film. 


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Visit the Exhibit on Level 1 (near Country Road).
Watch Disney’s Cruella at Hoyts Melbourne Central on Level 3.

Preview the exhibit

Felicity Pang 
Felicity’s creation has been heavily influenced by a dystopian cyberpunk aesthetic, and as such the resulting garment is rich in futuristic flourishes. Small LED lights hang on the dress and sculptural pink floral shapes drape from the cotton fibre. Felicity has also tempered the chaos with lowkey colours and fabrics. Inspired by Rei Kawakubo and Moschino as much as modern society’s subjection to the global pandemic, the design gives Cruella a topical look while paying homage to her roots. “New Cruella has her own way to live her life and survive in this chaotic world” says Felicity.  

Delicate Balance 
Tess Beinessen 
Tess’s dress combines quirky design with a delicate composition to create a garment that is halfway between hero and villain. Influenced by the blocky geometry of mid-century brutalist architecture, which peaked in the 70s alongside the punk movement, this garment mixes several variants of the same circular pattern. Tess’s dress features asymmetric sleeves and neckline, 120 hours of embroideries on the skirt hip and on the centre back of the cape, as well as ribbon trim that visually divides layers of the garment. With Cruella’s destiny still unwritten, this dress celebrates the softer side of the classic Disney Villain.  


The Sensitivity of Rebellion 
Claudia Perez  
Inspired by the punk scene of Seventies Soho, Claudia’s destructive design language reveals a fragility and vulnerability. Boasting an anarchy aesthetic, showcasing deconstructive elements in an accentuated sleeve and pant overlay ensemble. The fabric features hand painted flourishes using a water based, non-toxic fabric paint, as well as upcycled belt buckle fastenings with eyelet holes and perfectly frayed raw edges. ‘The rebel with the fragile heart’ is hand-embroidered on the overlay, making the message and medium inseparable.  


We’re Done With Fur 
Eliza Pither 
“The punk aesthetic to me is very raw and rough,” says Eliza, who has designed this Cruella-inspired printed velvet coat—complete with leather choker and safety pin earrings. Horsehair reinforces Eliza's creation, helping define the shoulder pads. A hand-drawn harlequin print, digitally printed onto the fabric adds a dramatic flair, while black pleather straps and silver buckles expertly round out the garment. The bold silhouette, with a focus on broad, sharp shoulders and edgy accessories, is destined to be paired with ripped black jeans and ‘wet’ red vinyl, pointy toed, stiletto boots, to capture an unbridled chic-punk spirit 

Elizabeth Moody 
Cut from the same cloth as the ratbags, revolutionaries and rebels who demand change, Elizabeth’s design showcases images of protesters, past and present. The chain belt made from melted down plastic bags perfectly embodies the DIY punk movement. The sleeves are cut away and reconstructed with plaid cuffs. The metallic waistcoat, made from gunmetal wool lurex and satin, features one welt pocket and metal eyelets and buttons. The lightweight cotton pants have large belt loops at the knees and ankles. The design is gender fluid and works with various body types, likewise rejecting norms like the heroes it’s inspired by.  

Home for Everyone 
Kez Ottman 
A classic suit and pleated straight skirt that screams a draw-outside-the-lines energy. This outfit is inspired by the punk counterculture’s founders, who, through the rejection of norms, fought for equality, diversity and inclusion. Plastered with copy from 70s punk magazines, focused on women’s and LGBT rights, the ensemble is a journey into Cruella’s inner monologue. Boasting a unisex silhouette, and further accessorised with a crochet table runner and watch gears to reference Britain’s high sobriety, Kez has created the perfect metaphor for London’s transformation at the calloused hands of punk-rock.  

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