Filmme Fatales guide to MIFF 2014

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Advanced Style

It’s about: The sartorial lives of the septuagenarian set. Director Lina Plioplyte has adapted the popular street style blog of the same name into a documentary featuring fashionable over-50s like The Idiosyncratic Fashionista and the legendary textile designer Iris Apfel.
See it because: Ari Seth Cohen may not be as well-known here, but in New York his name evokes images of the glamorous and inspiring New Yorkers he’s been photographing for his blog, Advanced Style, since 2008. This film was funded on Kickstarter two years ago, and audiences have eagerly awaited its release since then.

Screening: Saturday 2 August, 6.45pm at Hoyts Melbourne Central.
Blood Pulls a Gun

It’s about: A teenage girl called Alice, who spends her days stealing from guests and lounging around the isolated roadside motel where she lives. She encounters true danger in the form of a mysterious Bonnie and Clyde-style pair who arrive one day, on the hunt for someone or something.
See it because:  Sydney-based director Ben Briand gained attention back in 2010 for his acclaimed short film Apricot, and fans have been hotly anticipating his follow-up. Blood Pulls a Gun was chosen for official selection at SXSW this year and earned the praise of legendary director Wim Wenders, who said, "This short film left such a long lasting impression on me ... There is a lot of talent at work here."

Screening: as part of ‘Accelerator 2’, Sunday 10 August, 4pm at Hoyts Melbourne Central.
Cut Snake

It’s about: A couple of ex-cons reluctantly teaming up and hatching a plan to burn down a nightclub, set against the gritty backdrop of 1970s Australia.
See it because: It’s not often you’ll have the chance to attend a world premiere film screening, following by an exclusive after party! Ticketholders to this screening will also be invited to walk the red carpet before the screening at Hoyts, along with the film’s cast and crew.

Screening: Saturday 9 August, 7pm at Hoyts Melbourne Central.

Dior & I

It’s about: Raf Simons’ first Haute Couture collection as creative director for the House of Dior, a role he assumed in 2012 after the very public dismissal of his predecessor John Galliano.
See it because: Director Frédéric Tcheng has proved a deft hand in creating documentaries that mythologise the fashion industry and those who work within it, with his previous films, Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has to Travel and Valentino: The Last Emperor.

Screening: Saturday 2 August, 1.30pm at Hoyts Melbourne Central.
Doll and Em

It’s about: Best friends Dolly and Emily find their relationship tested after Em moves from the UK to LA to star in a Hollywood film and Doll follows to assume the role as her assistant.
See it because: Emily Mortimer and her real-life BFF Dolly Wells are two of this year’s most charismatic television actresses. MIFF is following in the footsteps of SXSW Film by screening all six episodes in this television series during the festival.

Screening: Friday 1 August, 6:15pm at Hoyts Melbourne Central.

It’s about: Ip Man, the martial arts trainer responsible for teaching the legendary Bruce Lee everything he knows about the craft.
See it because: Director Wong Kar Wei is famous for his intense dramatic direction and visually stunning films. He’s never dabbled in the martial arts genre before, but with frequent collaborator Tony Leung as his star, it’s hard to go wrong.

Screening: Friday 8 August, 6.45pm at Hoyts Melbourne Central.

The Infinite Man

It’s about: A well-meaning but neurotic young romantic named Dean who invents time travel as a means to dart back a forth through time to patch up his relationship with his girlfriend Lana.
See it because: It stars rising Australian stars John McConville and Hannah Marshall, as well as Alex Dimitriades as Lana’s threatening ex. This local film is full of heart and, after selling out multiple screenings at SXSW earlier this year, as earned an international fanbase.

Screening: Sunday 3 August, 6.30pm at Hoyts Melbourne Central
Ping Pong Summer

It’s about: A hip hop-obsessed teenage boy’s summer vacation, during which he experiences his first crush and meets his ping pong sensei, played by Susan Sarandon. Cue: training montages, awkwardly relatable teen angst and nostalgia.
See it because: Everyone can relate to feeling like an outsider with something to prove. Plus, it’s set in 1985 so you know the soundtrack will be great and the jeans will be flared!

Screening: Sunday 3 August, 1.30pm at Hoyts Melbourne Central.


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