You shop it. We drop it.

Shopping is a breeze with Retail Runner!
Heading out after you shop? Catching a packed train home? Don’t want to be dragged down by arms full of shopping? No worries.
Shop yourself silly then head to dinner, drinks or simply travel home without the burden of heavy shopping bags, thanks to Retail Runner.
Fill Retail Runner satchels with up to 25kg of shopping per delivery, and let the Retail Runner delivery team worry about the rest! They’ll conveniently deliver your items anywhere within Melbourne (up to 20km). Send your items home, to your work, or even to a mate’s place the same or next day.
We know your day doesn’t end when your shopping does, so if you shop it we’ll drop it.
How It Works

  1. Once you’re done your shopping (or perhaps half way through) head over to the Guest Services desk on L1 and tell them you’d like to have your purchases delivered through Retail Runner.
  2. On the Retail Runner tablet, start by entering the important information – your name and contact info, and whether it’s a gift.
  3. Specify where it’s going to. Is it being delivered to your house? Your work? Your mate’s house? Be sure to include all relevant information for the delivery (can it be left at the front door? Is it going to a specific floor of a business?).
  4. Select the satchel that best suits your items. Large satchels up to 5kg are available, so don’t be afraid to fill them! Alternatively, you can also use your own packaging if you have it handy.
  5. Select the date and time you’d like everything to be delivered. There are a few options available so make sure you pick one that works best. Nothing’s sadder than missing a package delivery!
  6. Review all the details to ensure everything is correct, hit ‘confirm’ and you’re done! The Guest Services staff will process the payment, print the satchel label and send it on its way.
  7. Keep shopping! Or head out for nibbles and drinks. This step is optional, but you know you want to.

When You Send, And What You Pay

Why Retail Runner?

 Well really, why not? We’ve all been in the situation where you have more bags than limbs, and you can’t go home just yet. Instead of bringing your purchases out to drinks or dinner (hassle), back to the office (awkward) or even worse, on the tram (nightmare), why not send them on their way so you can carry on with yours!
Retail Runner gives you the peace of mind knowing you can do your shopping without having to worry about what you’re going to do with your purchases after. Plus who doesn’t love having their purchases delivered to their front door!
You can also send multiple packages to multiple destinations, so if you find that perfect gift for a mate or loved one while shopping but know you won’t be able to see them, why not send it their way? You’ll be the fab friend who surprises their bestie with an at-home delivery for the birthday they thought you forgot. We know you love shopping as much as we do, so here’s to making it that much easier!