Single Minded

Meet Hannah and her mum Linda 🎙
Hannah Furst and her mum Linda are all about making dating fun again. Whether you're dating, not dating, dating yourself or just having fun - this is the podcast for you.

Catch the gals from Single Minded at 6:30pm on Friday 21 May at Studio MC!

Let's find out a bit more about them...


Best piece of advice for a 20-something year old single gal?In my 20s, I used dating as a kind of self esteem booster and it never, I repeat never, worked for me. I thought I'd walk into a bar looking hot, guys would show me attention, and I'd wake up the next day feeling good about myself. Wrong. 

I had to really take time out for myself to understand exactly what I was looking for and also to be comfortable in my own skin (without external validation). I travelled, explored the world, had holiday romances, focussed on having fun, danced on my own, had my heart broken... It's exactly what you need in your 20s.

Thoughts on dating apps? Do we love them or hate them??
The live episode at Melbourne Central is going to be about this very topic! You have to build resilience on dating apps because they involve a constant stream of micro-rejections. It's hard not to take it personally when someone cancels on you not once, but twice (this may or may not have happened to me recently). Dating apps make me feel bad about myself, and I know they're making other people feel bad. And this causes us to disengage to protect our feelings. So it's a vicious cycle. 

But dating apps aren't the problem - we are! I want to normalise not being flaky. I think if - collectively - we all decided to stop cancelling, to stop taking three days to respond, to stop being flaky, then everyone would have a better relationship with dating apps. We need to work at being more respectful of other people's time (and feelings), myself included. I've been really flaky in the past, and now that I've looked into it more, I want to commit to being better on dating apps. 

What’s it like doing a podcast with your mum?
I love it. It's like a whole new career for her too - she turned 60 and all of a sudden she's joined me in the content life. Our family motto is now "anything for the content". Joking. Sort of. I can't have a conversation with mum anymore without her pulling out her notepad and writing jokes for the next podcast episode. I'm like, "MUM, can't we just have a regular conversation anymore?" 

People get to see a side of her that no one else sees but her daughters. She's very sassy, very funny and doesn't really buy into a lot of my crazier ideas. I'm very woo woo, so it's good to have a voice of reason.

Tell us about some of your fave guests you’ve had on the podcast!
I love it when my friends come on! Joanna Fleming (my co-host on Beauty IQ Uncensored) came on as a guest and it was so much fun to record - it's been one of the best performing episodes. My friend Bonne Chance also recently turned 40 and I recently quite my job, so we go deep in an episode about forging your own path.

How can we stay up to date with the pod? 
You can find me on Instagram @hannahfurst or subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify

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