Bright Notes Piano & In centre Busking

As part of Melbourne Central’s ongoing initiative to discover and support emerging Melbourne talent across art, design, fashion and music, Bright Notes calls to the musically gifted and often unheard talent of our city  by providing a stage to showcase talent.

Having recently launched at White Night 2015, Bright Notes has seen the transformation of a beautiful and aged Beale Pianola into a modern, vibrant and uniquely Melbourne Central piece of art by Steph Hughes - a local Melbourne artist and musician with over 12 years experience in the music scene, an ability to play piano, guitar, drums and sing vocals, a member of two bands (Dick Diver, Boomgates) and a regular host on Triple J's Unearthed. As well as music, Steph has a passion and talent for art, making her a natural choice to combine her two loves and create a unique masterpiece. 

Melbourne Central would like to acknowledge the Bayles and Campbell families who generously donated the piano. In honour of their kind gesture, we have made a contribution to a charity nominated by the families, Tarangoa Blue - a foundation and not-for-profit organisation focused on protecting the health of our marine environment. 


Session times

 Thursday             5pm - 9pm         
 Friday   5pm - 9pm
 Saturday   12pm - 4pm 
 Sunday   12pm - 4pm

Our piano is located in the Dining Hall on Level 2. 
*Please note, piano times and availability are strictly as stated above. 


We offer a range of time slots and locations for buskers to entertain our guests. Please use the below form to register your interest. 
Some of our popular buskers include: 

Bill Golding Ryrie

Bill got a basic beginners guitar from his parents in his early teens that he has played for last 9 years.
He studied music at Sandringham College where his band got into Top Acts 2011.
After leaving school whilst following his heart and his passion for music he also looked for jobs in the hospitality industry but to no avail due to no previous experience in the field.
Bill then started writing his own songs and shortly afterwards got offered the chance to start busking at Melbourne Central. Since his first performance a multitude of opportunity’s were presented including a professionally edited music video, paid gigs including birthday and engagement parties, weddings and professional events. 
With the earnings from busking at Melbourne Central he has finally been able to purchase a professional level Epiphone guitar which has lifted his sound to another level and given him the chance for even more top end gigs. Bill is aiming to release an EP to the public and on iTunes later this year! 

Click to view Bill Golding's Facebook page, Music Video & You Tube Channel

Maddison Wilson

Local to the Mornington Peninsula, Maddison Wilson is an inspiring and engaging artist. While her music can essentially be described as 'pop' (slightly quirky, mostly soulful), in a world with a thriving indie-pop culture, it is rare to discover a solo artist who can still captivate an entire audience from behind nothing more than a piano. 

Having opened for some of Australia's favourites including Michael Paynter, Mark Wilkinson (Syd), Hayden Calnin and Imogen Brough (as seen on The Voice), Wilson has inked herself into many hearts, performing in venues that assemble the core of the Melbourne music scene.

Click to view Maddison Wilson's Facebook page, Music & You Tube Channel

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