Blogged by: Melbourne Central 16 Sep 2020

Dolphin Skin

Skin prep … What can we do to prime our skin?
Great skincare is essential for this look. Prep the skin with your favourite hydrating serums, such as Sweet Chef Kale + Vitamin B Serum shot, and plenty of moisturiser. Dry to normal skin types can go the extra mile and prep with an oil like Morphe Priming Beauty Oil. 

How do we build a natural base for dewy skin? 
Dolphin Skin is all about building the complexion in light layers to create a multi-faceted, light catching glow. 

Your base should have a dewy or natural finish, so avoid matte foundation formulas. Morphe 2 Hint Hint Skin Tint is a water based foundation, that leaves your skin hydrated and radiant, which is perfect for this trend. It’s also buildable sheer-medium coverage, so you don’t have to compromise on a flawless, even base. 

For complexion colour, use cream contour and cream blushers to create shape and definition, and build on that natural, fresh finish. 

What products give us that iridescent glow and wet look?
This look is all about light catching glow. Avoid chunky glitter, and stick to cream products over powders, as you don’t want to mattify the skin. Morphe 2 Gleamcatcher Illuminators are great because they are a silky, cream formula with a radiant sheen finish. For an extra glossy wet look, apply a small amount of Morphe 2 Gloss Pop Face and Eye Gloss on the tops of cheekbones. 

The final touches … how do we set our make-up and lock in the high shine?    
Build on the glow with hydrating setting mists. Morphe Luminous Setting Spray contains glycerin and coconut water, boosting hydration to the skin while locking in makeup. 

How can peeps with oily skin make this trend work for them?   
No need for oily skin babes to be afraid of this trend. Use setting powder on the areas you usually see shine and focus the illuminating products on the highest points of the face. Traditionally oil appears in the T-Zone, so highlighting around the tops of cheekbones and just above the brow in a C shape will avoid those spots and keep the shine where it’s wanted.  As the final step, cover the highlighted areas of your face with your hand or a fan, then focus Mattifying Continuous Setting Mist on your oily areas.

Tips for touching up throughout the day? 
I think a little bit of shine is actually gorgeous for this look, so this might be your chance to embrace it! But for that unwanted midday shine, use a smaller brush to dust a light amount of powder only where needed (don’t powder on autopilot). Your highlighter brush is great for this, as it gives you more control and a lighter distribution of product. M501 is my favourite.  

Favourite thing you love about this look? Why should we all try it? 
This is my dream skin. Glowy skin looks healthy, youthful and effortless. It’s also flattering for all ages and occasions, because you can take it from very wearable to really glam. Oh and it photographs really well, so it’s great for the Gram.