Blogged by: Alyce Greer 10 Jun 2020

Music Lookbook

Like everyone, I was super productive during iso. I learned how to turn a doona into a dress, I tried the Dalgona coffee trend, I coloured in more than I’d like to admit, and I listened to a lot of music (a lot of music.) 

And now? It’s almost time to come out of hibernation. As restaurants take bookings (yay, brunch!!!) and stores begin to re-open (yay, shopping!!!) I’ve forgotten all about my colouring book and I’m turning my attention to a much more important task: planning my out-of-iso looks. 

So, what better inspiration than all the albums I’ve been downloading and live gigs I’ve been streaming? While I can’t exactly take these looks to a real-life gig or music festival just yet, nobody can stop me wearing them to live my best life in the great outdoors. 


Out-of-iso plans: Lunch with the gals. 

I might have made one or two TikTok dances during my time in isolation. Now I can finally bring them to life with some fresh out-of-iso looks inspired by style icons Charlie XCX, Dua Lipa, Lizzo and Doja Cat... and best believe I’ll be doing something cute with my hair.  

Shoes: Dr Martens
Top: Glassons
Pants: Gorman
Earrings: Bul
Bag: Rains

Hip hop 

Out-of-iso plans: Drinks at a friend’s house. 
In a perfect world, I’d be sporting my finest hip hop threads and hitting the nearest festival. Unfortunately that won’t be happening for a instead I’ll do the next best thing and hit up my bestie’s house party for the ultimate hip hop lineup (thanks to Spotify). 

Tee: Vans
Shoes: Secret Sneaker Store
Hat: Rains
Socks: Vans
Jacket: Huffer


Out-of-iso plans: Picnic in the park.  

Lots of cosy mornings and relaxing weekends meant chilling with my go to indie music playlist. In fact, those playlists became the soundtrack to my colouring in sessions. Now, as I switch from relaxed mode to weekends on the outside they’ll be inspiring my outfits - hello coffee runs and afternoons at the park!

Top: Glue Store
Bag: Bul
Shoes: Platypus Shoes
Skirt: Cotton On
Sunnies: Bul


Out-of-iso plans: A day in the city. 

On the top of my to-do list right now is an adventurous day in the city…. walking the gritty streets, exploring the latest fashion with a coffee in hand and visiting my favourite lunch spots. Here’s my tip for a comfy and quirky look that fits the Melbourne brief complete with headphones with electro tunes on repeat. 

Shirt: Huffer
Shorts: Glue Store
Shoes: Dr Martens
Bag: Rains
Sunnies: Glue Store