Blogged by: Alyce Greer 28 Jul 2020

Rachel Green Lookbook

Three weeks in, these are the things lockdown 2.0 has taught me: you don’t have to be going anywhere to do a full face of colourful makeup, there really is no limit to how many chips I can eat in one day, and Rachel Green is definitely my new style icon. So I might have been watching a bit too much Friends, but what I’ve lost in hours I’ve made up for in cute fits and of course, cute hair. You best believe I’ll be taking them all for a spin... as soon as I’m allowed out of the house. 

Rachel is basically the poster child for ultimate ‘90s farshun — her collection is filled with crop tees, chunky cardigans, plaid pants, denim overalls, dad sneakers and sweet-as-pie hair clips. If you’re thinking these wardrobe items all sound familiar, you’d be right. Each and every one of these pieces is currently trending in a big way, which means — other than living in the actual ‘90s — it’s never been easier to copy Rachel’s look. In fact, I’ve even done the shopping for you.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Friends to watch.

Working Rachel

Whether you’re working from home or at the office, I think we can all agree that it sometimes feels nice to dress up in our pre-iso clothes. That is, those pieces that aren’t made of tracksuit material. Career girl Rachel was all about the corporate fashion vibe, dressing in lots of grey, black, white and plaid. Totally wearable for today.

Blazer: Cotton On 
Skirt: Witchery
Turtleneck: Universal Store 
Cardigan: Country Road 
Boots: Witchery 
Skirt: Dangerfield

Casual Rachel

For all those times when you’re not working, not exercising and not lying on the couch, this is what you’ll want to be wearing: comfy, casual pieces that still make you feel put together. When she’s hanging out in her apartment or at Central Perk, Rachel can usually be found wearing mom jeans, flannel shirts, cute knits and overalls. Seeing as I love all those things, I’m not exactly mad about it. 

Shirt: Cotton On 
Hair Clips: Mimco
Boots: Dr. Martens 
Jeans: General Pants 
Knit: Glassons 
Dress: Glue Store

Chill Rachel

Let’s be honest: there’s a lot of chilling going down at the moment. And maybe some exercise. Luckily this look works for both. Rachel’s Sunday wardrobe could have been taken straight out of 2020 — there’s track pants, crop jumpers, athletic tees and of course, the chunky sneaker. Finish off with a set of pigtails and you’re practically Rachel Green herself. 

Track Pants: Cotton On 
Jumper: Glue Store
Scrunchies: Universal Store 
Cap: Glue Store 
Earrings: Sportsgirl 
Sneakers: Platypus Shoes
Tee: Cotton On