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If you love denim and are looking for inspiration on how to wear it, look no further. We've put together a collection of some of the best denim looks from around Melbourne.

"I am a huge fan of double denim, and Cedrick had a classic take on it by breaking it up with a crisp white tee and sneakers. Cedrick was a man of few words and this just added to his coolness."
– Sam Wong

“I love the subversive little elements of Ellen’s outfit; the tattoos peeking out from under the sleeves and the fishnet socks are cool details that catch the eye without being too over the top.”
– Collecting Melbourne

“It took me a few minutes to realise that the spray bottle Nyah was carrying was actually her phone case.”
– Collecting Melbourne

"I think a great leather jacket (or faux leather) is such a good investment piece. It gives a cool edgy vibe to any outfit, especially when paired with Docs like Beatrice has done."
– Katie Fergus

"Frey and Sam are both stylish little dudes I’m so pleased to have met. I loved the way their parents styled Sam in a wrap-around scarf and tan boots. Although they’re both twinning the same jacket, you can tell they own their sense of style. Definitely a thumbs-up from me!"
– Karen Woo


"Not many people can pull off double denim, but it's one of my favourite looks when it's done right. I love that Maryan keeps the blue theme constant with her shirt underneath.”
– Katie Fergus


"Happy 16th birthday Josie! I really liked how Josie used the colour combination of beige, red and denim to create this casual everyday look."
– Karen Woo


"Rachel looked super cute in her red lippy and ginger hair pulled up into a high pony. I like the way she tucked her Mojito tee into her high waisted jeans to show off her ankle-cut boots and sunnies around her belt loops."
– Karen Woo


“Sarah, you had me at double denim … or triple denim for that matter! I turned around and saw blue, then did a double take and chased her up the corridor! This denim has a raw sort of look, and pairing it with a soft black suede boot added contrast.”
– Grace Petrou

"This was probably the most destroyed pair of denim jeans I’ve come across in a while, but I really like how @_Crystle_'s kept her @supre_instagram ripped jeans casual and cool by pairing them with a basic long sleeved top."
– Karen Woo


"How could you go wrong with Breton stripes and a denim pinafore? Geneva looked so confident and relaxed in this look, and confidence is always stylish."
– Heather Lighton


"Double denim is an unbeatable outfit, and I love Etienne’s mix of light and dark denim in this outfit."
– Katie Fergus


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