Men's Winter Fashion Trends
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Blogged by: Melbourne Central 30 May 2017
Who doesn’t love a well-dressed man? I know I do!

Give the men in your life a helping hand by keeping up to date with all the latest Men’s Winter Fashion Trends at Melbourne Central. Men’s styling can look simple, but it’s really not. Now more than ever, men’s fashion is hitting our streets and incorporating their very own quirky styles.

We’ve checked out all the hottest celebs online and found the biggest fashions your dapper men need this season.

Men's Leather Boots

Boots bring a lot of character to an outfit. They give off a hard-working, almost dangerous vibe - which we totally dig. This season is all about the Boots!

Complete your outfit with these wardrobe necessities. Visit RM Williams in store and buy a durable, long-lasting pair of boots like the Rickaby Lace Up style (our favs.) or the Stockmans Buckle Boot.

RM williams melbourne central

Visit RM Williams at Melbourne Central.

Men's Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets offer a versatile look with added comfort. This larger style of jacket will really keep your men warm (and looking hot) during the cooler season. Layer it up, or keep it simple - Bomber jackets are a casual staple for any wardrobe.

For all the latest styles of bomber jackets, check out Glue at Melbourne Central for the essentials.

glue store melbourne central

Men's Cardigans

Cardigans can be worn as both casual and formal. With so many different types of cardigans out there, it can be a tricky job matching them with outfits - so we have found the best styles of cardigan and will  teach you how to wear it:
  • The long line cardigan, worn ideally with a plain tee and skinny jeans.
  • The button up cardigan, with smaller sized buttons, this will complete a dressier ensemble with trousers and formal shoes.
  • The Shawl Neck Cardi is suited to more casual attire. Simply matched plain tees, denim jeans and trainers. It adds texture and flair to a casual outfit.

country road melbourne central

Found at Country Road Melbourne Central.

Find the top Men's Winter Fashion Trends at Melbourne Central, where the dapper guys shop. Keep up to date with the hottest styles and have all your wardrobe essentials covered this season.


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